LV Restoration specializes in 24 Hour Emergency Services - when you need us most, we'll be there.

Flood and water damage restoration in Las Vegas, NV

Flood & Water Damage Restoration

When an unexpected leak or flood occurs, rest assured that LV Restoration & Plumbing is the most qualified firm to get your home or business back to normal. Our 24- Hour Emergency Certified Response Team is standing by. In addition, since most flood and water damage is caused by plumbing leaks, we can also respond to your plumbing emergency 24 hours a day.

Property and Security Board-Up in Las Vegas, NV

Property & Security Board-Up

Disaster victims are frequently traumatized and unaware of the important steps required of them to minimize damage and liability after a devastating event such as fire, storm or vehicle impact. LV Restoration helps public safety officials create safer environments after disasters large or small.

Fire damage restoration in Las Vegas, NV

Fire Damage Restoration

In the unfortunate event that you experience a fire, it is important that the cleanup begins as soon as possible. Smoke residues are acidic in nature and with time they will cause surfaces to corrode and stain permanently. Smoke residues that were pressurized during the fire.

Content Cleaning in Las Vegas, NV

Content Cleaning

Sometimes a water loss on a higher floor can cause ceilings to collapse... right on all your furniture. If the water is still "clean" water (versus "gray" water which has been sitting too long and may contain contaminants) then the furniture is probably salvageable.

Thermal imaging in Las Vegas, NV

Thermal Imaging

The principle of using temperature variances is now being used by structural drying specialists to identify “wet spots." With this technology, LV Restoration has made a substantial investment in ensuring that the structure is back to pre-loss conditions.

General contracting in Las Vegas, NV

General Contractor Services

The construction of containment plays a vital role in the proper remediation of any microbial remediation project. LV Restoration has perfected their ability to build containment to suit any situation or need. It has become so specialized with LV Restoration that they are using this ability in unique ways.

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