Call us anytime - 24/7 - when you need emergency plumbers in Las Vegas.

Not all plumbing companies offer 24 hour plumbing services in Las Vegas. We know that our customers count on us around the clock and we are committed to being there when they need us most. Emergencies don't always happen during normal business hours.

Sometimes plumbing emergencies happen late at night or on a Sunday morning and you can't wait until the next day for a plumber to show up. Although we do our best to respond all hours of the night, please keep in mind we reserve these hours for true plumbing emergencies and may already be responding to a plumbing emergency.

As with all emergencies, make sure you contact the appropriate local agencies that handle your utilities such as for a gas leak or a water main break. Also keep in mind that certain properties such as condos and rental units may require us to get authorization from the property owner or condo association.

The bottom line is no matter what the plumbing problem is, if it cant wait until business hours, you should act quickly and get help right away. Here are some examples of plumbing emergencies we run resolve.

  • Leaking water heater
  • Toilet wont stop overflowing
  • Backed up sewer
  • Busted water pipes
  • Underground water leak
  • Slab leak
  • Broken faucet leaking
  • Broken spigot
  • Water meter leak
  • Shut-off valve breaking

We address plumbing emergencies as they are reported to us and often will be able to handle the immediate problem quickly and then return the next day to complete the repair once the emergency is handled.

For example, if you have a busted water pipe and water is flooding your home, the priority is to avoid water damage to your home and shut off the water supply as soon as possible. If we can walk you through turning off the shut off valve over the phone, we may try that.

On the other hand if you have a sewer backup and sewage is backing into the home, that's not something you want to wait around for the next day.

Fortunately for our customers, not only are we licensed plumbers, we can also handle restoration. Water removal and complete water damage restoration.

We will even work with your insurance company in many cases to make it easier on you to deal with. Also, we understand that most homeowners are just trying get their lives back to normal.

Getting the kids off to school on time and not missing work to wait around for a plumber is reasonable and we will do our best to work around your schedule. We respect your time and your property.

You should expect nothing less of the company you hire. We value that trust and strive to be the plumbing and restoration company you always count on and refer to your family, friends and neighbors.