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Las Vegas underground leak detection.
  • Water line leaks
  • Water main leaks
  • Leaks behind walls
  • Leaks under floors
  • Slab leaks
  • Underground leaks
  • Swimming Pool Leaks

Methods of Leak Detection

Our many years of experience dealing with plumbing leaks have given us a wide variety of methods at our disposal when it comes to detecting leaks. For example, meter testing or testing the water pressure can help us determine if there is a serious problem.

If the water pressure is low, chances are that water is leaking in the line. Leak detection is a process of elimination where you want to first check the easiest and most common problem areas such as leaking toilets and faucets. If may not seem like much, but a leaking toilet or running toilet can waste hundreds of gallons of water and result in a much higher water bill.

Once its determined that the leak is in the water line itself, we use more advanced methods of locating the exact location such as acoustic listening devices and infrared cameras. When it comes to locating water leaks under ground and under concrete slabs, the right equipment in the hands of an experienced leak detection specialists can save a lot of time and money for the homeowner.

Imagine the alternative where an inexperienced contractor may have to break through the concrete, guessing where the leak is.

Swimming Pool Leak Detection

A hidden leak can wreak havoc on your enjoyment and wallet. Don't let a small issue turn into a major headache! Here at LV Restoration & Plumbing, we specialize in swimming pool leak detection. Our experienced technicians utilize advanced equipment to pinpoint leaks quickly and accurately, saving you time, money, and frustration.

Symptoms That Point To Water Leak

Leaks can go unnoticed and undetected for a long time. Here is a short list of a few of those signs that should prompt you to contact LV Restoration & Plumbing ASAP for pinpoint accurate leak detection and repair:

  1. High Water Bill?
  2. Do you hear running water even when its turned off?
  3. Is your water meter is moving when everything is off?
  4. Do you notice the water pressure is very low?
  5. Are there puddles of water in the front lawn
  6. Does your floor feel damp or warm?

One Stop Shop Leak Detection & Repair

At LV Restoration & Repair, we purposely built the business to make it easy on our customers when having to deal with all kinds of repairs. Water line leak problems for many pose the problem of having to deal with a few different companies. Often, a homeowner will call the water company as to why the bill is so high.

At that point the water company will likely explain that the water leak is the responsibility of the homeowner and recommend hiring a professional leak detection company. Then ultimately you still need the water line repaired and have to hire a plumber. Do you know that sometimes you can avoid the cost of the leak detection service it its determined that you may be able to reroute the water line for the repair, eliminating the need to locate the exact location of the leak.

This is where the experience of the company you are dealing with really counts. Save time and money when you work with a knowledgeable professional and a company. We understands all aspects of repairs and restorations of all kinds for a home or commercial settings. Call us today and experience how repair services should be handled. Quality services provided with integrity, in a prompt and professional manner.