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Is it time for a new toilet? Depending on the issue, it may just be a better idea to change out your old toilet. The 2 main toilet service needs are repair and replacement. Repairs are unexpected plumbing problems that you have to deal with while a replacement may be part of a planned upgrade or remodeling project. Some older homes have small round toilets that are not as desirable and comfortable as the "right height" and elongated toilets. Lets first start with troubleshooting and repair issues:

Toilet Repairs

What Can Go Wrong With Your Toilet?

  • Leaks
  • Clogs
  • Problems with the fill valve
  • Problems with the float
  • Problems with the flush valve
  • A loose flush handle
  • And Many other toilet problems

Sometimes even though you may be able to just have your toilet repaired, it may just be worth the money to replace it and start with a new toilet. So when its time to replace your toilet, you need to do a little research to figure out the best model for your needs.

What Types Of Toilets Are There?

Some of the most common types of toilets are dual flush toilets, elongated toilets and round commodes.

Round Commodes

Round commodes feature a bowl that is round rather than an oval shape. They are usually found in older homes and not as popular as the oval shaped.

Elongated Toilets

Elongated toilets feature a bowl that has an oval shape. They are commonly found in residential settings and at small businesses.

Dual Flush Toilets

Dual flush toilets are designed to conserve water, and there are two different amounts of water that can be used to flush them. They often feature two buttons or levers. In other cases, the button or lever is pulled in one direction for the smaller amount of water and another direction for the larger amount.

Should You Repair Or Replace A Broken Toilet?

It mostly depends on whether repair or replacement is more expensive. If replacement is the cheaper option, you should always replace it. If the toilet is extremely old, replacement could still be the best option if repair is slightly more cost-effective.

Why You Should Always Hire A Professional Plumber To Repair Or Replace A Toilet

If you attempt to repair a broken toilet yourself, it's possible that you could make mistakes that cause additional problems with your toilet. Not only would this complicate the situation, but it could cause the repair to become more expensive. If you attempt to install a new toilet yourself, you could end up setting it up in a way that leads to malfunctions down the road. We have had to replace many "handyman" and DIY installs that went wrong. Those poor installations range from minor issues to the potential of major water damage. Leave it to us and you will have the peace of mind knowing your toilet installation is expertly done.