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Are you in need of a sewer line replacement? Perhaps you have had a plumber or sewer contractor recommend sewer replacement options for your sewer problem. While it can be a stressful and costly event, the best you can do is make sure you are choosing the right company that is giving you the best advice and options for your home or business needs.

Lets face it, sooner or later most homes or businesses are going to experience some kind of sewer problem issues. When sewer problem symptoms become to obvious to ignore, most people will want to act right away. This is important because while it is ideal to get the problem fixed right away, making a fast and uninformed decision could end up costing you even more later.

For example, if tree root problems are the cause of your sewer line problems, you might want to also address the overall issue while you are at it. Performing a sewer camera inspection can help determine where the problem root intrusion is happening as well as other spots that are starting to show signs of problems, yet not enough to block the line. Even if the sewer root problems are not blocking the line, do you really want sewage leaking or seeping out of those intrusions?

Understanding your overall sewer line status allows you to make the right choice for the longer run. While a sewer contractor is already there making a repair to a portion of the sewer line, it may make financial sense to replace a larger section of the sewer line now rather than having to repair another section a few months or years later.

Options For Sewer Line Replacements

Depending on the reason for the replacement, location of the sewer line and several other factors, you may decide a repair to the sewer line is sufficient rather than a complete replacement. That judgment and advice is critical in making the right choice. Will many years of experience dealing with all kinds of sewer problems in and around Las Vegas, we have seen it all.

If a certain portion of the sewer line is having a problem due to breaking down because of the age of the sewer line, there is a high probability another portion of that sewer line is also breaking down. When the sewer pipe materials break down over time, plant roots can make their way into the pipe causing even greater damage. Also, sewage can seep out of the sewer line.

If its determined that the sewer line is just to weak and old, a complete sewer line replacement probably makes sense rather than patching portions at a time. Once you have determined that a sewer line replacement is needed, you might be able to choose alternate methods of replacement. Trenchless sewer replacement or pipe bursting are potential options. The trenchless option sometimes can save money. In addition, as the name implies, much of the sewer line is repaired without having to dig up a trench.

The trenchless method usually involves opening up both ends of the sewer line and "pulling" the new pipe through the old pipe. Pipe liners that seal the inside of the sewer pipe, or other materials that replace the existing pipe by bursting the old pipe are the most common methods of trenchless sewer replacement or repair.

One of the reasons why we offer a free second opinion is to put your mind at ease that you are making the right choice. Sewer replacement projects are not type of things people deal with often, so its worth a little extra time to do your homework. Knowing your options will help make sure you're spending your money wisely and saving potential headaches down the road.

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