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If you are currently experiencing a sewer emergency, don't hesitate to call right away. We can help bring your home or business back to normal. A sewer problem can be a major disruption for any business, but in particular a restaurant or any other place the public visit.

Sewer line repair in Las Vegas.

For this reason, we make dealing with sewer problems a high priority. The first step in solving the problem is knowing what you are dealing with. A sewer camera inspection can help up not only determine the cause of the sewer problem, but also the exact location that needs the repair.

What went wrong? Well, when it comes to old sewer pipes, there are a number of potential problems like anything from a tree root intrusion to a collapsed sewer pipe.

Symptoms of Sewer Problems

Since sewer pipes are typically out of site, a sewer line problem is usually not know until the sewer damage is bad enough to get our attention. For example, suddenly all of your drains get stopped up at the same time. Most likely that would be a sewer main line issue.

All of your drain pipes eventually lead out to your sewer main line that goes to the city sewer system. The part of the sewer line that extends from the sewer system to your home is almost always the responsibility of the homeowner or business owner. Sometimes the signs of problems are not visible like a clogged drain.

Perhaps there is a strong sewer like smell coming from the front lawn or below a crawl space. Tree roots can find their way into sewer pipes and over time, block the sewer line or break the sewer pipe causing the sewer to leak out into the soil. A sewer camera inspection can help diagnose and pinpoint the location of the problem.

Las Vegas sewer slab repair.

Sometimes a repair to a small area is sufficient, while other situations many call for a larger repair or entire replacement. If the sewer camera inspections finds multiple problems, homeowners or business owners often prefer to fix the entire sewer line, to avoid more headaches later.

Sewer Repair Solutions

Once the cause and location of the sewer problem is determined, the next step would be to determine the best way to resolve the sewer pipe issues. When it comes to fixing a sewer problem, you may find various opinions and recommendations depending on the sewer contractor you're working with.

For this reason, we often hear from homeowners or business owners that have already received a quote and are looking for a second opinion. When you are talking about a major sewer repair involving heavy equipment, digging up your property and days of on site work, it makes sense that people may want to ask around to make sure they are making the best choice.

For example, there are possible options for a trenchless sewer repair that is less disruptive of your property. Pipe bursting or pipe lining are a few of those options. At the end of the day, you need to work with a company you can trust will not only give you a fair price, but more importantly, give you the right advice for the sewer repair.

At LV Restoration & Plumbing, we know sewer problems can also be stressful, so we strive solve your sewer problems quickly. After you approve our up front pricing, we will complete the successful sewer repair project in a prompt and professional manner.