LV Restoration & Plumbing Provides Sewer Camera Inspection Services in Las Vegas, Henderson and Throughout Clark County Nevada.

The benefits of obtaining a sewer camera inspection are numerous. We provide sewer and drain camera inspections for a number of different situations. We offer this service to help our clients get precise information when it comes to their drain and sewer lines so that they can make the best decisions.

Las Vegas sewer camera inspection.

From new home buyers to emergency sewer backup problems, being able to see what and where the problem is can save substantial time and money. Having the right equipment for the job is never more clear than with a professional sewer camera.

This important plumbing equipment and technology requires an experienced technician. A new sewer inspection camera and locator can cost over $10,000.00. Some of the sewer cameras can reach 200 feet, so knowing how to maneuver the line without getting stuck takes experience.

More importantly, knowing what you are looking at to properly diagnose the issue should be done by a licensed plumber, sewer contractor or experienced technician. Some home inspection professionals with experience many be able to help for a part of a more detailed home inspection, but for a real sewer emergency, it makes sense to deal with someone who can also repair the problem.

Sewer inspections in Las Vegas, NV.

What Can a Sewer Camera Inspection Reveal?

  • Broken Sewer Pipe
  • Tree Root Intrusions
  • Collapsed Sewer Line
  • Cracked Sewer Pipe
  • Exact Location
  • Multiple Damaged Areas
  • Leaking Sewer
  • Extent of a Blockage
  • Before & After Repair
  • Overall Health of System
  • Sewer Laterals

One of the common questions that homeowners face when it comes to sewer issues is the question of who's responsibility is it for a sewer repair?

These issues can become even more complex when dealing with condos and other multi unit facilities. Even a single family home may pose the scenario where its important to know the exact location of the sewer problem to find out if the repair responsibility is the city's or the homeowner.

Typically, the homeowner is responsible from the street sewer lateral to the home. This question of who is responsible is obviously extremely important, especially if your looking at a major sewer problem that requires digging up the street or other property.

The good news is that with a sewer camera inspection, you're able to be informed and get all the facts. When you hire our company, you will have the peace of mind knowing our experienced professionals can both diagnose and solve your sewer problems.

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