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About Residential Plumbers and Plumbing Services

Las Vegas Homeowners are fortunate that they can choose from a large number of licensed plumbing companies in the greater Las Vegas, North Las Vegas and Henderson areas. Should a plumbing project arise or an immediate need such as a plumbing emergency, you should select a qualified, licensed plumbing company.

Hopefully these problems will be simple and few, but no matter the situation, if you want peace of mind and less stress, work with professionals rather than hiring a handyman or trying to fix it yourself. Here are some of the added benefits of the services provided by experienced and licensed plumbers.

Prompt Response and Know-How

When a leak is discovered, it can take time to figure out the source and then buy the correct parts along with possible repair equipment, if needed. Our experienced plumbers, on the other hand, can quickly diagnose and solve the problem.

We will also likely have or can easily get all supplies needed to fix the problem in a fraction of the time, and possibly lower cost, than the typical layperson would have to invest.

A Range of Plumbing Services

From a leaky faucet to a flooded basement, qualified plumbers can address the problem at its root. Water heater repair, toilet replacement, and emergency service are just some of the many types of assistance a plumbing company can provide.

Common problems include clogged drains or leaky pipes, and these can be promptly corrected. For example, if you get up one morning and find a pool of water under your kitchen sink, you may panic and want to fix it as soon as possible.

But you might not know if water is leaking from the sink, the dishwasher, or the refrigerator. An experienced plumber can quickly identify the problem and recommend a solution, as well as handle the repair, often in a surprisingly short time.

Skilled Technicians

A credentialed plumbing company hires experienced plumbers or provides appropriate training to prepare technicians to do excellent work. Our plumbing company is unique in that we also handle more than just plumbing repairs.

Along with related skills, such as water clean up and water damage restoration, means that you will receive high-quality work by those who know how to do it best. LV Restoration and Plumbing allows you to have 1 company do it all, saving you time and money.

Related Services

A home that is water damaged due to flooding will likely require more that just professional plumbing assistance. Remodeling or renovating a home will also need plumbing services. Adding a garage or shed with plumbing will require plumber's expertise.

Knowing a highly-recommended plumbing company can help the job to get done responsibly and reliably, especially if you have worked with a plumber on previous issues. Again, at LV Restoration and Plumbing, we have you covered for all your plumbing related issues including water damage restoration.

Prevention and Maintenance

Our plumbers also offer maintenance and prevention help. They can inspect your plumbing and drainage systems to ensure everything is working properly. The hot water heater should be checked periodically.

The plumbing system affects many parts of the home, so if one area is not working properly, it can cause significant problems. Many people find it helpful to have a plumbing checkup every year to keep major problems from developing.

Let us become your go-to plumbing and restoration company. Your one stop shop for all your home repair service needs. Call us anytime 24/7.