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About Plumbing Fixtures in Homes and Businesses

Types of Residential and Commercial Plumbing Fixtures

Plumbing systems are taken for granted when they are working properly. When plumbing fixtures leak or break or get clogged, we take notice and usually want that fixture fixed ASAP. When you think about all the parts that need to work right for a properly working plumbing system, you realize it should not be a surprise that from time to time plumbing fixtures are going to need to be replaced. There are many individual components throughout a residential or commercial setting that handle the exchange, treatment and storage of water. Here are the fixtures that are commonly used and what can go wrong with each:

Toilets and Urinals

These utilities work by moving water to carry waste away. Toilets and urinals typically use reserve tanks that deposit water into the bowl, forcing the contents through a pipe. If the clapper were to quit, water could leak and raise utility costs; flushes may also be weak, and the fixture will constantly produce a noisy draining sound. Other problems include clogged pipes, leaking supply lines and broken draw chains.

Bathtubs and Showers

These fixtures pull water, adjusting pressure and heat as directed by the user. The water drains into a pipe that leads to either to the Las Vegas public sewer system or a septic tank. Mineral buildup from hard water can prevent the spigot from discharging water effectively, while hair buildup in the drain will very quickly turn showers into stand-up baths. It's also important that water seals around these fixtures are secured to prevent waste and water damage.

Kitchen, Bathroom and Utility Sinks

These work exactly like a shower or bathtub, depositing water from a spigot into a bowl and then down a drain. As such, mineral buildup on the faucet and hair clumps in the drain can yield similar problems. Pop-up stoppers, which are used to keep water from draining, will occasionally dismember or require tightening. The springs in the knobs may also need to be adjusted over time if the knobs start to produce underwhelming or overpowering flow.

Water Fountains and Dispensers

Equipment designed to dispense water for drinking typically include a conditioning element to keep the water cool as it leaves the spout. This assembly will need to be maintained over time as the cooling factor loses its oomph, and because a fan is used in these systems, regular dusting may be required. A water filter is also encouraged, which must be changed on a schedule.

Dishwashers, Humidifiers, Ice Makers and Water Tanks

These three fixtures share two important features in common: water treatment and control valves. In systems that automate the consumption and exchange of water, it's essential that the valves are precisely calibrated to regulate the process. In addition, temperature treatment units can vary by implementation — ice makers don't work the same way as fountain coolers do, for example.

How Important is Regular Plumbing Maintenance in Las Vegas?

Plumbing maintenance and periodic plumbing inspections can help you lower the chances and maybe avoid plumbing emergencies. Everything in a residential and commercial environment is, to an extent, dependent upon the proper containment and transportation of water. There's an astounding spectrum of complications that may result from unchecked and improperly handled equipment, up to and including sewage backups. Failure to keep your plumbing system and plumbing fixtures inspected and maintained can ultimately lead to the following:

  • High water bills
  • Water damage to the structure and property
  • Contaminated water for bathing and drinking
  • Proliferation of pests
  • A generally uncomfortable environment (smell, wet carpet, etc.)

Sometimes, the best answer is, "Out with the old, in with the new." Aside from the nifty features of newer equipment, functional improvements can reduce the amount of maintenance needed to keep it running in optimal form, which can reduce utility bills and repair expenses in the long run. Seals and valves on older equipment are also prone to fail, causing water to pool and inviting rodents and insects into the premises. In turn, this can spawn health hazards and lead to damages that drop property value.

Don't Try This at Home — Leave It to the Pros

While very basic plumbing issues might be handled easily by any average Joe or Suzy, it takes a professional to ensure the proper inspection, maintenance and installation of plumbing fixtures. An improper installation can be just as detrimental as leaving problematic equipment unchecked, resulting in any of the above-mentioned complications down the road. If there are signs of a sewage backup, deep clogging or other serious problem, don't endanger the property and its occupants with DIY measures and fix-it-quick handymen — leave it to our licensed plumbing pros.