LV Restoration & Plumbing Can Handle All Your New Plumbing Construction & Remodeling Needs.

New Construction Plumbing Vs. Service Plumbing

Every newly constructed building, be it residential or otherwise, has to pass a series of certifications that green-light the safety and effectiveness of the electrical and plumbing system.

However, a company that's good with servicing preexisting fixtures won't necessarily have the know-how when it comes to installing plumbing utilities into a new building.

These are two different schools of the profession, and not all contractors openly acknowledge this distinction. At LV Restoration & Plumbing, our team is experienced in both new construction and service plumbing.

A homeowner or business owner in Las Vegas should seek out a plumbing contractor who is specifically geared to handle their needs. The same is true with the differences between residential and commercial plumbing systems, which involve very different types of fixtures, certifications, maintenance protocols and skill sets.

For those who are looking to install plumbing fixtures into a new construction or append to what's currently there, a construction plumbing contractor will need to handle every step of the process from beginning to end to ensure quality and adherence to local ordinance.

It's not mentioned often enough: Bonding, insuring and especially licensing are critical points of consideration when hiring a plumbing company to maintain, repair and install a fixture.

The terms "licensed, bonded and insured" are frequently cited by plumbing and electrical companies, but not everyone knows what that means. The bottom line is to make sure you hire a company that holds all the right credentials. You deserve the peace of mind knowing you project will be done correctly and safely.

All-In-One Synergy

Let's go one step further and discuss the importance of synergy. It's usually better to hire a one stop shop if you can. A plumbing contractor who's company is also licensed, bonded and insured to handle electrical engineering and HVAC as well has it's advantages.

Even if electrical and HVAC services aren't the point of the call, these multi-skilled professionals are better able to control the application of their services with careful regard for how they affect the other systems in the building.

It's not about just fixing a water heater leak, solving a backup or a new remodel, it's also about knowing where electrical lines are and how to work the plumbing systems around them in a safe and effective manner.

Of course, there's always the plus of a trained technician who can knock out two services at one time, instead of hiring two contractors who are independently more or less trustworthy in their respective fields, it's more efficient to hire a single company to handle both at once.

This is also better because there won't be confusion between two servicing entities who are walking over one another's handiwork – it's all perfectly understood and gracefully woven together by a single professional.


Working with LV Restoration & Plumbing, a company that handles all aspects of remodeling and new construction can make the project you need done, get done faster and more efficiently, saving you time and money.