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Slow drains are annoying to any Las Vegas Homeowner. Sometimes people put off the issue until it gets really bad and you experience a bigger problem like a back up or a leak under your kitchen or bathroom sink. When a drain is clogged with debris, water can't flow out through the pipes.

Unfortunately, it only takes a small amount of debris to slow the flow of water through pipes in showers, bathtubs and sinks. When other material gets stuck behind the initial clog, the blockage becomes more solid.

This can result in anything from a minor mess to a flooded room.

Types of Drain Clogs

Consider a few different types of drains in a home and the sort of material that can cause a clog.

Kitchen Sink Drain

A clogged kitchen drain is something most homeowners experience at one time or another. Pieces of food like potato peels and other food debris can move down a kitchen sink drain and cause a clog. This is especially true if the sink doesn't have a garbage disposal.

Over time, dish washing soap, detergents, grease and fat can build up on the inner walls of the pipes beneath a kitchen sink or further down the pipe causing a clog.

Floor Drain

Most homes in Las Vegas are built on slabs. While there are few basements, some homes have floor drains in a laundry room or utility room.

So, if the washing machine floods or the water heater starts leaking, the water can move out of the room through the floor drain. These drains can take in lint, dust, pet hair, dirt and soap scum that collects in the pipes below. If this material builds up, a clog can form.

Bathroom Sink Drain

When a bathroom sink drain gets clogged, the bowl can fill up with water relatively quickly. The most common materials that clog a bathroom sink drain are hair, toothpaste and soap scum.

Also, items like hairbands, scraps of toilet paper and cotton balls can drop into the drain causing a clog.

Toilet Drain

It's pretty obvious when a toilet drain is clogged. The water doesn't flow out of the toilet when it's flushed. Instead, it rises to the top of the bowl and sometimes it overflows.

Toilet paper, feminine sanitary products and makeup sponges are typical items that can clog a toilet drain.

Bathtub or Shower Drain

Hair, soap scum, shampoo and more can build up in the pipes attached to a bathtub or shower drain causing a clog. There may be a minor clog that allows some water to flow through the drain.

But, if the water starts to pool around the drain of your shower, it can be a sign of a small clog that is growing into a larger one.

Why Call a Plumber to Remove a Clog?

When you have any type of clog your immediate reaction may be to start working on it with a toilet plunger. If the clog is small, a plunger can loosen it. But, in many cases, you will find the problem keeps occurring time after time.

That's probably because the clog requires heavier duty professional equipment. At that point, it's better to call an experienced plumber in to remove the clog. Our plumbers at LV Restoration and Plumbing have the know-how to evaluate the extent of the clog as well as the proper tools to remove it without harming your pipes.

In some cases we can use a drain camera to locate the clog within your pipes and see if there are other issues that may be causing the blockage. Once we know where a clog is, it's easier to choose the right method and tools to remove it.

Some major clogs in may require a hydro jetting method to remove a clog. A hydro jet is a high-pressure water spray that's very effective at removing clogs that are solidly in place.

Lastly, leaving the task of removing a clog to our knowledgeable drain cleaning experts gives you peace of mind that the problem will be solved in a safe, professional way.

Call LV Restoration & Plumbing anytime and ask how our drain cleaning services can get your drains flowing perfect again.