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About Our Commercial Plumbing Services

A plumbing emergency can happen at a business just as it can in a home. A backed up sewer line or a leaking water heater can become a major disruption and even slow or stop business.

A commercial plumbing service need can become even more costly if commerce is brought to a halt. For this reason, many businesses will already have a plumbing company they can count on to respond quickly. Unfortunately, sometimes things can happen that may require that business to find a new plumbing company to work with.

We know that working with commercial accounts require a certain level of commitment that will meet the needs of that business. Regardless if it's a condo complex, retail shop or a restaurant, when plumbing services are needed, we do everything we can to get your business back to business.

Plumbing Services: Commercial vs. Residential

Commercial environments don't just use different plumbing fixtures from the kinds found in a living space – their versions of the residential counterparts also tend to function differently.

Because they're designed for radically different audiences, a plumber who specializes in home waterworks won't necessarily fare well in a department store bathroom.

When considering who to call for maintenance, repair and installation on plumbing fixtures, it's essential to account for the environment that the equipment was designed to function in.

Generally, the utilities one would find in an office, facility, convenience store, restaurant or gas station will be optimized for a wider audience, especially those who might mistreat the fixtures (such as flushing paper towels down a urinal).

The pipework also tends to be scrunched down to save space and improve cost effectiveness. Fixtures may be tied in with automated sensors and powerful propulsion systems, and they're often meant to take all kinds of treatment from the general public.

Furthermore, commercial plumbing equipment traditionally opts for a utilitarian setup, which can change how the assemblies are put together.

The typical residential plumbing setup will come decked out with gentler equipment under the assumption that whoever owns it will care for it responsibly.

Sinks will also come equipped with pop-up stoppers and wash hoses, and the pipework will be aligned differently because of the structure itself. Because there's a whole lot less to screw up in a home setting, residential plumbing tends but not always be less expensive to install or repair.

Impact of Plumbing-Related Closure

In Las Vegas, a lot happens in 60 seconds. A minute here is comparable to an hour anywhere else, so imagine what one hour – let alone several – implies for the business owner who hasn't kept up with their inspections and maintenance, or worse, hired the wrong plumber to perform repairs or installations.

Plumbing is a serious part of a business' function, and failure to stay on top of things can result in lost hours, lost customers and expensive bills in the long run.

The implications are more far-reaching than a day of closure. If clients begin to notice problems with toilets, sinks, stained ceiling tiles and more, it can break the professional vibe and ultimately discourage them from returning.

It's not always a conscious decision – in fact, it's usually just a thoughtless nag. "Do I really trust the service from a store that doesn't care about its own maintenance?"

If the business owner is lucky, a day of closure is the only thing to worry about. Flunked health inspections and derogatory word of mouth are just extras on top. Is that worth falling behind on plumbing upkeep?

24/7 Plumbing Services

For those who run businesses outside of the usual 9-5 work model, they'll need to go one step further when seeking out the right commercial plumbers for the job.

Not all plumbing contractors are open during all hours of the sun and moon, so it's important to work with a company that is entrusted at a moment's notice to put a commercial plumbing disaster at the top of the list of priorities. At LV Restoration & Plumbing, we are here for you 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If a sewage backup or a pipe eruption presents itself on the night shift, the last thing management would wants is to let it sit and proliferate.

These are problems that can't wait no matter how few clients are around to witness it. Beyond the matter of customer service, there are utility expenses, unfolding hazards and structural damages to consider.

Even as the owner of a business that doesn't open its registers on the graveyard shift, a 24/7 plumbing technician is an essential asset.

Water damage restoration is a critical plus when considering who to call for emergency plumbing services. Being as there may be damages to surrounding assets, controlling the problem itself isn't necessarily good enough.

Equally as important is our companies knowing the Las Vegas area and the ability to keep up with the requirements of a business owner who needs repair and restoration services in a snap.

LV Restoration & Plumbing is that company. Call and ask about our commercial plumbing services today.