LV Restoration specializes in Real Estate Owned properties - fast, reliable services to help get your listing ready for market. We also offer multi-property discounts!

We are Your One-Stop Shop for All of Your REO Needs

We offer better quality work, with very competitive rates, in half the time. We save you time and money by utilizing one contractor for all services - skilled contractors with the banker's mindset. We are diligent in our documentation and keep all parties fully informed and protected.

We have extensive experience in the banking industry - over 20 years of experience in the contracting, construction and handyman business - with strong understanding of the objectives of bankers and mortgage holders.

We have a serious commitment and dedication to optimizing the value of the properties we manage. We are well staffed with professional personnel that get the work done on time - dedicated to meeting your deadlines.

We take extra care and attention to document thoroughly with written documentation and digital photography. We are the eyes and ears for your property.

We have a broad array of services designed to help you best.

LV Restoration is your best resource for property restoration services for Realtor Managed Properties.

Don't be fooled by companies that don't have the licensing, bonding and insurance required for this type of work. There are many hidden pitfalls that rise out of dealing with companies without the proper licenses and insurance.