LV Restoration & Plumbing is Las Vegas' premier restoration, remodeling, and plumbing company - from roof to foundation we're a one-stop shop for homeowners and small businesses throughout Greater Las Vegas.

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We were established in 2009 after CEO Joseph DiLeo decided to sell AirPure Environmental Services, Inc. which he founded in 2005, to form a new company that would concentrate on a full-service construction firm for Southern Nevada.

We have grown in response to the increasing demand of the market for professionalism in the residential and commercial marketplace for a full service construction firm that handles all aspects of any residential or commercial project.

Joseph DiLeo, CEO of LV Restoration & Plumbing, is a US Disabled Veteran who honorably served his country in both the US Navy as well as United States Department of Homeland Security.

He has owned and operated construction companies in Las Vegas for more than two decades. His recipe for success is simple: provide the best quality workmanship and customer service at affordable prices and to surround yourself with the best team.

It's a relationship between customer and company that equals trust and concern for the client's needs.